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21st Century Computational Thinking and Innovation Lab

What is Computational Thinking?

Computational thinking is a way of solving problems, designing, systems and understanding human behavior that draws on concepts fundamental to computer science.

Highlights of smart CTI lab

•   State of the art computer Lab, equipped with laptops
•   4G internet connectivity
•   Problem solving with Computational Thinking
•   Coding taught from Grade 3
•   Student textbooks and teacher manuals
•   Advanced Robotics Lab with Brick based and humanoid kits


•   Social Media and Cyber Security
•   Office productivity Tool with Office 365
•   Keyboard and Mouse Skills with TuxTYPE and TuxMATH
•   Coding with Scratch and Python
•   Collaboration with Video and Video Editing
•   Learning Multimedia with GIMP and Audacity


•   Flowchart-based Visual interface that doesn't require programming knowledge
•   Brick-based kit includes more than 455 components
•   Humanoid kit includes more than 18 intelligent servo motors that can be used to program around 30 humanoid projects and activities
•   Student textbooks and teacher manuals
•   Three programming environment in robotics – flowchart, action editor, model simulator
•   Teacher training on the curriculum.

Creating Stories

•   Workbooks for grades 2-4
•   Lab activities to read and create stories
•   Structured lessons for each class
•   Guided tutorials & practice sessions with each lesson
•   Moral based stories
•   Picture based quizzes
•   Step-by-step exercises to practice

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