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Our product Smartclass is powered by a digital content repository that includes rich-media content across grades K-12, mapped to meet the specific objectives laid out by the central and state boards across the country. In addition to the rich-media content developed by our R&D team, it includes aggregated content from other partners such as Educomp and Bodhaguru.

The multimedia content repository ENGAGES students by bringing abstract concepts to life, help them PRACTICE using exercises, sample papers, and interactivities/simulations. Students can reinforce learning using SUMMARY resources such as topic synopses and concept maps. Teachers can EVALUATE students on the concepts taught using objective and subjective tests. Bright students can also EXPLORE the topics further using resources such as weblinks, real life applications, and assessment for learning.

Digital content is adopted by schools by setting up an ITBS, a finger-touch interactive board integrated with a green board, a projection system, a CPU and a sturdy cabinet. The interactive white board hosts various features such as drawing tools, document management tools, text tools, etc. These tools help teachers explain concepts in a seamless manner and also manage their teaching material/notes with equal ease.

A Server is set up inside the school, loaded with digital instruction and assessment materials mapped to the school curriculum. Classrooms are wired to the Server and are equipped with ITBS. Teachers access the digital content in their classrooms on an everyday basis, project it on the board during their classroom sessions and explain concepts with the help of animations, graphics, video, etc. This is available with both Windows and Linux OS.

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