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How do you engage the current generation of students in a classroom?

Today’s children have changed radically. They have grown surrounded by and using mobiles, computers, videogames, digital music players, webcams, and all the other toys of the digital age. How do you retain their interest in the topic that you are teaching in the class?

our students in the class. Be it explaining complex and abstract concepts using animations/ diagrams, showing experiments/ activities in the classroom, teaching students how to create complex diagrams, explaining maps, summarizing topics, or

smartclass is powered by a vast repository of content catering to all grades from KG to 12 across subjects mapping to curricula of CBSE, ICSE, and various state boards. You can even add your own content and questions to the program, create your own lesson plans, and search for relevant content based on keywords.


Here’s how it make learning in the classroom a fascinating and absorbing experience:

The below categories of available content on each chapter/ topic will help you plan your classroom and lab sessions. The entire content is available to you outside the classroom too. You can use the Fliplearn school platform to assign homework and monitor student performance. You can even conduct a class in the flipped classroom model by assigning videos to students to view at home followed by a discussion in the classroom. This will make your classrooms engaging and interactive.

Here is a brief description of these content types:



Video Lessons

These are rich-media 2D-/3D-animated videos that make it easy for students to visualize all the tough concepts in the curriculum and help bring abstract concepts to life.


Lab Experiments

These are real-time videos of lab experiments and activities in Science and Math for grades 6-10 and provide a virtual lab experience in the classroom.


Diagram Makers

These are animated videos that provide step-by-step instructions to draw a diagram in relevant topics for Science and Geography across grades 6-12.


Interactive Maps

These help teachers to teach maps in an interactive manner in a class. For example, a teacher can view/ hide areas on a map to indicate parameters such as roadways, waterways network across India.


Teacher Presentations

These are voice-over presentations created by teachers across India mapping to State-board curricula.



These resources provide a simulated experience to students in lab experiments and activities in Math and Science.




These are printable exercises mapping to chapter-topics that help students practice the concepts learned.


Board Questions

These are solved past year board papers for grades 10 and 12.


Sample Papers

These include solved sample papers in all subjects for various grades.


Home Assignments

These are printable question sets that can be used as home assignments


Textbook Solutions

This type of content provides solutions of all the exercises of the textbook.



Numerical are available for Grades 9-12 Chemistry and Physics. Using these numerical, students can practice the application of learnt concepts.


Case Studies

Grade 11-12 Business Studies has Case Studies mapped to each chapter for the real-life understanding of various concepts.



Topic Synopses

These provide a summary of the chapter/ topic and act as a ready reckoner for the students to revise concepts.


Concept Map

These are graphic organizers on the concepts and flow of content covered in a topic.



Objective Tests

These are multiple-choice chapter-level tests mapped to various boards and provide instant feedback to students.


Subjective Tests

These are solved open-ended tests on chapter-topics across subjects mapped to various boards..



These are sample summative tests in Math, Science, and Social Science based on CCE pattern.



These include interactive exercises across subjects and grades that help students to practice the concepts learned.




These include a library of relevant web resources for every chapter.


Community Resources

These are additional resources created by teachers across smartclass schools in India.


Assessment for Learning

These are additional group exercises to evaluate students.


Real-life Applications

These include examples of real-life applications of the concepts that students learn in a chapter.


Teaching Idea

Teachers can access these to know about tips and methods to introduce new concepts in a class.

How it works for you?

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