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Do you find classroom lectures boring? Do you find it difficult to understand abstract concepts in Math?

If teachers in your class explained topics using animated content with voice-overs, showed you step-by-step video of creating diagrams in Science and Geography, evaluated your knowledge of concepts using interactive games, wouldn’t classrooms become an interesting place?

smartclass is designed to help you study the way you want, such as using audio-visual content than textual content, viewing step-by-step videos to perform lab experiments, performing activities in a simulated environment, testing your knowledge via online tests and getting instant feedback.

Below are the content types that help you understand and revise concepts.


Video Lessons

These are rich-media 2D-/3D-animated videos that make it easy for students to visualize all the tough concepts in the curriculum and help bring abstract concepts to life.


Lab Experiments

These are real-time videos of lab experiments and activities in Science and Math for grades 6-10 and provide a virtual lab experience in the classroom/p>


Diagram Makers

These are animated videos that provide step-by-step instructions to draw a diagram of relevant topics for Science and Geography across grades 6-12.


Topic Synopsis

These provide a summary of the chapter/ topic and act as a ready reckoner for the students to revise concepts.


Objective Tests

These are multiple-choice chapter-level tests mapped to various boards and provide instant feedback to students.



These include a library of relevant web resources for every chapter.



These are printable exercises mapping to chapter-topics that help students practice the concepts learned.


Board Questions

These are solved past year board papers for grades 10 and 12.


Sample Papers

These include solved sample papers in all subjects for various grades.


Home Assignments

These are printable question sets that can be used as home assignments.


Textbook Solutions

This type of content provides solutions of all the exercises of the textbook.



Numerical are available for Grades 9-12 Chemistry and Physics. Using these numerical, students can practice the application of learnt concepts.


Case Studies

Grade 11-12 Business Studies has Case Studies mapped to each chapter for the real-life understanding of various concepts.

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