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Today’s children are called digital natives as they are born and brought up in an environment surrounded by mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. They learn by watching videos on Youtube, enjoy audio-visual communication modes and have limited attention spans.

How do you ensure that your school is equipped to teach these GenX students in the way they learn? How do you ensure your school is at pace with the changing requirements and students are equipped with the 21st century skills when they pass out from the school?

smartclass creates a holistic learning environment that makes learning an engaging and interesting process. When you partner with smartclass, your school stands reassured of its impeccable track record to help your school make a smooth transition to technology-enabled teaching and learning:

  • In fact more than 80% of all schools that have adopted technology in classrooms in India chose to partner with smartclass.
  • smartclass is powered by the largest K12 digital content, instruction and assessment materials in the world, mapped to the curriculum of STATE BOARDS, CBSE and ICSE.
  • 300, 000 smartclass sessions are held every day across schools in India. An experience that continuously goes into enriching our support processes, helping schools to be successful with the program.


How is smartclass adopted?

There are three variants that we offer to schools:

  • Smartclass Classic: It consists of a finger-touch interactive board integrated with a green board, a projection system, a CPU and a sturdy cabinet. ITBS is not only easy to install and maintain but also designed to work in high temperatures and dusty conditions prevalent in most Indian classrooms. The interactive white board hosts various features such as drawing tools, document management tools, text tools, etc. These tools help teachers explain concepts in a seamless manner and also manage their teaching material/notes with equal ease.
    A Server is set up inside the school, loaded with digital instruction and assessment materials mapped to the school curriculum. Classrooms are wired to the Server and are equipped with smartboards. Teachers access the digital content in their classrooms on an everyday basis, project it on the board during their classroom sessions and explain concepts with the help of animations, graphics, video, etc. This is available with both Windows and Linux OS.

  • smartclass Swift: It consists of a ceiling mount long throw projection system, sound system and a sturdy cabinet (with a locking mechanism, a mini CPU, a mouse and a keyboard) . The setup is easy to install and comes with one-year warranty. It is designed to work in dusty conditions and high temperatures prevalent in most Indian classrooms. It is your first step towards making your classrooms future ready. This variant is available as a standalone unit that plays smartclass content on a Linux OS. This is available in K-5, 6-8, 9-12 content packages.

  • Interactive Flat Panel: This is the most sophisticated and compact system inside classroom with a 65’ or higher panel. It includes all the features of a Smartclass Classic model.



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