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For Parents

As a parent, you want the best education for your child.

While helping your child in studies at home, have you ever struggled to understand the new teaching method used to explain a concept as compared to the method you know and were taught?

Suppose you had access to all the resources that a teacher uses in the classroom to explain concepts, won’t it be easy for you to help your child in studies and revising concepts taught in the school?

If your child is studying in smartclass-enabled school, the teacher would be using rich-media animations to explain abstract concepts, diagram makers to show step-by-step procedure to create diagrams, lab experiment videos to show the steps for doing the experiment, and objective tests at the end of the chapter to evaluate students’ performance and provide feedback.


The child is getting a visual experience to understand the concepts and would love to go to school every day. If you want your child to revise what s/he learned in school, you want access to the same content. You can do this very easily by using Fliplearn Prime.

With Fliplearn Prime, the world class, multi-award winning smartclass content is available for seamless streaming across all web and mobile devices & is valid for 1 year.

Won’t this make your life easier while helping your child with his/her studies and home assignments?

How it works for you?

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