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We cater to CBSE Board, ICSE Board, TAMIL NADU Board, Maharashtra Board, Karnataka Board, Andhra Pradesh Board, Kerala Board, and our development team kept on working for all the Boards (for more information Kindly contact 18002002299)

Our basis requirements are concrete wall, roof & power supply to install Smartclass, OS compatibility Windows & Linux both will do however some feature may vary, for more details kindly contact 18002002299

To log a Technical compliant you can send us a mail on info@smartlearning.com
with below mention details or you can call us on 18002002299

Project Code: Means ERP Code of the School*
Contact Person: Name of contact person
Phone No: Mobile Number of contact person
ETEC Type: IWBS / DTS / 3D Lab
Class Type: Means - Problem is in KC or ETEC*
Class Room No: Name Class room no. or name
Section: Class Section if applicable
Component/Item: Item name for which call needs to be logged
Quantity: Quantity of Item*
City Name:
Pin code:

You can send us a mail on info@smartlearning.com with the details or you can call us on 18002002299

The Smartclass web interface provides an option to exclude books, which an admin can restrict or display certain books.
a. Login to web CTS using the admin login.
b. Click the Exclude Books option in the Masters section on the left pane.
c. Select the required class in the Select class drop-down and click Go.
d. The list of books appears below. The books selected with a checkbox are selected for exclusion in the selected class.
e. To show the required Board book, deselect the checkbox in front of the book and click Save.
f. The books will be visible on CTS

Pls download the license from below link.
1. Go to http://fgr.smartlearning.com/edu/KeyTracker.aspx
2. Click on TRACK SCHOOL LICENSE (You DON’T need to login for this!) on top band of the site.
3. Enter ERP code.
If your license has been generated, it will give you a link to download it. Otherwise click on "Click Here" to get more information. After using above steps,if still the issue persist, pls share the auth file with following details to license.smartclass@smartlearning.com
School Name :
ERP Code :
Location :
Customer ID (16 digit No.) :

Try to restart the server. If not successful, contact us to log your complaint at 18002002299.

Follow the below steps to regenerate a new license key:
a. Delete the old AuthKey.key file from C: /temp folder on the server.
b. Generate the new AuthKey.key by using the Auth key utility.
c. Send the newly generated AuthKey.key to license.smartclass@smartlearning.com with the School ERP code, School Name and the 16-Digit school ID.
d. You will receive a new license key.

Your server should be connected to the Internet. Check your LAN connection and update the LAN drivers.

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