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About Ebix Smartclass

Ebix Smartclass Educational is a company that aims to redefine 21st-century education with a focus on understanding the present and future education barriers and evolving innovative solutions to address them. The company has a strong vision of improving the teaching-learning experience in schools. Equipped with this powerful vision, the company is engaged in the business of developing education products and providing end-to-end solutions to K-12 Schools. Ebix Smartclass Educational promotes new modes of learning for the digital natives and develops path breaking products and solutions, keeping in mind the learning styles of the new-age learners. It recognizes that education is the most potent force for social change and is working to make it more effective with innovative use of new-age education solutions.

70,000 classrooms; 7000 schools, 3 million students, 3.5 Smartclass sessions everyday, Ebix Smartclass Educational impacts the learning outcomes and needs of over 3 million K-12 students. With backgrounds in business development, R&D and customer engagement, our team of 450+ professionals strives to provide a high level of customer satisfaction. We believe that the customer is at the heart of everything that we do.

As the education industry experiences a transformative phase, Ebix Smartclass Educational is devoted to putting in unflinching efforts to make learning a fascinating and engaging experience for the rising generation. Our R&D team of 135+ professionals including the extended team is constantly working to bring innovative products and solutions for the school segment. With an assemblage of distinctive products such as Smartclass, Virtual Labs, smartstem, smartCTILab, Student Robotics, English Forever, and Fliplearn Prime, we provide our users with tools and technologies that give them an engaging and fruitful learning experience.

Smartclass is the flagship product of the company that provides digital education to the Indian classroom. It is powered by a vast repository of digital rich-media content across grades K-12, mapped to meet the specific objectives laid out by the central and state boards across the country. The content is available across 12 boards and 5 regional languages (Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil and Kannada). In addition to the rich-media content developed by our R&D team, it includes aggregated content from other partners such as Educomp and Bodhaguru.

Another product that provides students real-life experience is Virtual Labs. Our partner products Yenka and Crocodile provide simulations and activities that help students in understanding concepts and their application in real-life. Teachers use the 3D visualization capabilities of these products to explain abstract concepts to students and bring it to life.

To succeed in the new information-based and technology-driven world, students need to develop their capabilities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) from an early age. Two of our products - smartstem and Computational Thinking & Innovation Lab (smartCTILab) - provide an environment to students where they can learn by experimenting, discovering, thinking and collaborating. smartstem in partnership with Designmate brings joy and interest in Math and Science classrooms with its engaging videos and simulations.

Student Robotics with Arduino is a futuristic Curriculum designed to bring innovation, creativity, and problem-solving skills into computer labs and classrooms by engaging and involving the student at every step. Our effort in this curriculum is to develop the inquisitive and tinkering streak in students so that they are not afraid to learn by experimenting and learning from failures.

Our English-training solution, English Forever, is designed for improving language skills of students keeping in mind the education requirements of learners from every grade. English is the second language (ESL) for most Indian students, and thus the desired levels of proficiency can only be acquired with constant and consistent practice, and under able tutelage. Learning English—as a second language—requires a different approach and a greater focus on the part of the students for success in school tests as well as competitive exams. English Forever marries sound pedagogy with smart technology to bridge that need gap between learning requirements and resources at hand.

Fliplearn Prime is a student-centric solution that enables students to access rich-media aggregated content from the comforts of their home. The application works on android, iOS, or a web browser and provides a personalized learning experience to students with the help of gamified quizzes.

Our constant endeavor is to innovate and use technology to create a tangible experience for students to learn difficult theoretical concepts, thereby mitigating teachers’ herculean efforts. We strive to improve the classroom experience for teachers with our range of products.

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