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STEM, Robotics & Language Lab

To succeed in the new information-based and technology-driven world, students need to develop their capabilities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) from an early age. The product segment of STEM, Robotics, and Language Lab provide an environment to students where they can learn by experimenting, discovering, thinking and collaborating.


STEM education emphasizes on a concept-driven approach that strengthens analytical knowledge, problem-solving abilities and helps students pursue excellence in different fields in these subjects. All along it was a belief that mathematics is a complex web of numbers and science, a maze of complicated theories! But, not any longer! smartstem™ brings a whole new perspective to these much dreaded subjects by integrating them into the curriculum through a cohesive learning approach based on the principles of STEM education.

smartstem™ empowers teachers and students with the right set of skills and technology, so they can teach and learn these subjects with eagerness, ease and enthusiasm. Powered by high quality videos and 2D and 3D simulations, smartstem™ deconstructs complex topics into easy-to-understand concepts. It ensures higher retention levels by using experiential learning simulations, vivid imagery and glossaries.

smartstem™ is not just easy to use but also convenient to deploy. Independently loaded on a hard disk, it can easily be connected and integrated with your existing hardware, making it cost effective. The supporting hardware, if needed, can be provided by us.

CTILab and Robotics

The smartCTILab Curriculum is a futuristic Curriculum designed to bring innovation, creativity, and problem-solving skills into computer labs and classrooms by engaging and involving the student at every step. The curriculum familiarizes students to the 21st century technologies such as the fundamentals of Computer Science, Robotics, Creativity, Problem-solving skills and their place in the modern world and is based on Computational Thinking (CT) skills. CT is a problem solving process that is essential to the development of computer applications, but it can also be used to support problem solving across all disciplines, including Math, Science, and the Humanities. Our effort is to develop the inquisitive and tinkering streak in students so that they are not afraid to learn by experimenting and learning from failures.

Highlights of smart CTI lab
• State of the art computer Lab, equipped with laptops
• 4G internet connectivity
• Problem solving with Computational Thinking
• Coding taught from Grade 3
• Student textbooks and teacher manuals
• Advanced Robotics Lab with Brick based and humanoid kits

Computer Science
• Social Media and Cyber Security
• Office productivity Tool with Office 365
• Keyboard and Mouse Skills with TuxTYPE and TuxMATH
• Coding with Scratch and Python
• Collaboration with Video and Video Editing
• Learning Multimedia with GIMP and Audacity

• Flowchart-based Visual interface that doesn't require programming knowledge
• Brick-based kit includes more than 455 components
• Humanoid kit includes more than 18 intelligent servo motors that can be used to program around 30 humanoid projects and activities
• Student textbooks and teacher manuals
• Three programming environment in robotics – flowchart, action editor, model simulator
• Teacher training on the curriculum.

Creating Stories
• Workbooks for grades 2-4
• Lab activities to read and create stories
• Structured lessons for each class
• Guided tutorials & practice sessions with each lesson
• Moral based stories
• Picture based quizzes
• Step-by-step exercises to practice

Language Lab

Our English-training solution, English Forever, is designed for improving language skills of students keeping in mind the education requirements of learners from every grade. English is the second language (ESL) for most Indian students, and thus the desired levels of proficiency can only be acquired with constant and consistent practice, and under able tutelage. Learning English—as a second language—requires a different approach and a greater focus on the part of the students for success in school tests as well as competitive exams. English Forever marries sound pedagogy with smart technology to bridge that need gap between learning requirements and resources at hand. With a focus on improving the listening and speaking skills of the students, the product can be used in a combination of classroom and lab environment. The product also provides interactivities on grammar so that the understanding of the language and its fundamentals get imbibed in a fun and interesting environment.

At the heart of English Forever, is a range of innovative technology based modules that use a step-by-step process to help learners sharpen their Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing skills. English Forever has numerous highly useful features like:

Assessment of Speaking and Listening (ASL)
This segment is designed on the lines of the English language skills proficiency test mandated by CBSE for class11. Samples of Speaking and Listening tests for classes 3-10 are provided so that students not only become familiar with the skills but also gain proficiency in them. Based on the concept, ‘the more you practice, the better you become’, ASL- Speaking and Listening Practice Sessions have been provided. The audios are in a neutral UK accent, perfect enunciation and moderate rate of speech.

Mastering Speech
Mastering Speech, as the name suggests, focuses on developing speaking skills. With well-structured segments, each devoted to developing a particular skill or proficiency, the Mastering speech section will help learners master the science of speaking step by step.

Word Stress and Sentence Stress
While the Word Stress section helps learners get their syllable stress right to pronounce a word correctly, the Sentence Stress segment focuses on an important aspect of random speech which lends meaning to a sentence.

Subject Specific Words
Another great feature, this tool will help students in pronunciation of scientific terms and other subject specific vocabulary.

Public Speaking Activities
English Forever provides activities ranging from Show-and- Tell for the young learners to Group Discussions for senior students. With a ‘see-it and do-it’ model, followed by a practice activity, English Forever’s public speaking segment enables students to learn the tricks of the trade, shed their inhibitions, get their body language and voice projection right and emerge as effective and competent public speakers – a life skill that will certainly stand them in good stead throughout their lives.

Combination Sounds
To help learners with right pronunciation, Combination Sounds has video recordings of various tricky sounds in the English language, and learners can listen to them and repeat them again and again till they get it right.

Indianism and MTI
These are two pain areas for most ESL Learners. The regional use of Indian languages interferes with effective communication in English. English Forever offers not only techniques to identify them but also to minimise them. This, it is hoped, will ensure that Indian students can communicate effectively and effortlessly with their counterparts across the world.

Based on the premise that learning happens best when it’s combined with fun, English Forever’s Grammar Enhancement Interactivities have several interesting games to test the students’ knowledge of grammar and its usage.

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