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Coding Champion 2020

Rules for Phase 2 Challenge :

This competition is open for students of grade 4th to 9th segmented as two groups:

• Grade 4 to 6
• Grade 7 to 9

Each group would get a problem statement for evaluating the coding skills in Scratch for grades 4 to 6 and Python for grades 7 to 9 of the students in Phase II. Scratch and Python can be downloaded from this link. The phase II competition would be held on May 16 at 3 pm. To access the problem statement on the competition day, please visit this page. You would get 3 hours to submit the solution. Cut off time to send response would be May 16, 6.00 pm and the accepted mode is only .sb file for Scratch & .py file for Python.

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Click here for Terms & Conditions of the contest

Solution file is to be emailed at

from your registered email id.

The response email should include the below details:
• Your name:    • Grade:    • School name:    • State:

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