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Our Assessment products are designed to improve the learning outcomes and grades of students in their exams. The digital and paper-based assessments help students in focusing on the concepts that they are weak in. Digital assessments are available for each topic and chapter per the central and state board syllabus. These assessments are available in various forms such as multiple-choice questions, practice tests, sample papers, and worksheets.

Our paper-based product, n-CAT, is a futuristic assessment solution in partnership with Edulabs Kyoshi of Japan, a leading provider of diagnostic assessments. The adaptive assessment solution helps students identify their focus areas by providing them a list of concepts, where they did not score well in the n-CAT assessment test.

Here are some of the benefits of the test for the students and teachers.

Benefits for Students

Students can identify all those concepts they have not understood and channelize their study efforts to overcome learning gaps.

Fundamental understanding of students is constantly tested and helps them prepare for competitive examinations in the future.

Taking an n-CAT test before school semester examinations will help the students in improving their marks / grades.

Benefits for Teachers

Teachers can pay personal attention to students based on their n-CAT reports.

Teachers can track the improvement in students’ understanding throughout the academic year.

If a number of students are found weak in a particular concept as per the n-CAT report, teachers can conduct additional classes or use another method of teaching to boost understanding.

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